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We are a team that was formed based on necessity of our clients, and we try to cover a big variety of fields. From the need of the client to make a simple drafting after a 3d, or a mechanical design in different fields of activity: Automotive or Construction.
We are always trying to think forward that's why sometimes, on request, we can build the part from certain types of materials (PLA, ABS, stainless steel) as mock-ups or samples. 


Our expertise is based most of the following activities:
Master or cubing design
Jig and fixture design


Master or cubing design

The relation between the model that we have to design and the starting point that we receive from the client, leads towards a design that the client is able to verify al of the start model functions that are requested. This start model can be a part of a car, plane, boat or something else. 


Jig and fixture design

Each jig or fixture has its own story. From case to case we have to adapt to new ways of productions or trying to simplify the design. 



The most part that we take part from the design development cycle is regarding the CAS (Computer Aided Styling). 


For details please feel free to contact us.
Other contacts details will be provided after you deliver us a valid contact.


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